Applicant Tracking System Integrations

Use an applicant tracking system already integrated with Indeed

Become an Indeed Integrated ATS Partner

Integrated ATSs attract new clients and get better results for existing customers

We work with Applicant Tracking Systems to optimize the hiring process, improve the job seeker experience, and help employers make the right hires faster.

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How it Works

Your integrated ATS gives you powerful tools for attracting and hiring talented candidates.

A streamlined process

A job listing created with an integrated ATS is sent via XML feed to, where it can be discovered by more than 250 million monthly visitors.1 With an integrated ATS, potential hires always have the most up-to-date information about the position.

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More applications

Job listings that come from our ATS partners are easy for job seekers to apply to. Each listing gives potential candidates the opportunity to quickly and efficiently populate their applications via Indeed Apply, our streamlined, mobile-optimized application tool. Indeed Apply-enabled jobs receive up to 4X more applicants than other listings.2

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Data-driven analytics

When your job listings feature Indeed Apply, you’ll be able to view and track candidates and applications from directly from your integrated ATS. With accurate source reporting, you can see what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll make better hires faster with an optimized recruiting process powered by your integrated ATS.

1Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2020.
2Indeed data (worldwide)
*Indeed Terms, Conditions, and Quality Standards apply. Indeed does not have any obligation to screen any job listing, or to include any job listing in its search results or other listings, and may exclude or remove any job listing from the site for any or no reason.

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When you integrate with Indeed, everyone wins

Your system

stays competitive

Your customers

attract more, higher-quality candidates

Job seekers

gain visibility into open roles, increasing their chances of finding a job they love


makes connecting employers and potential hires quick and easy

Indeed provides tools for every step of the talent attraction process

Job postings

XML Feed

When your customers create jobs in your system, the listings are sent via XML feed directly to, ready to be discovered by over 250 million monthly job seekers.1


Indeed Apply

Our optimized application process makes it easy for job seekers to apply from any device, resulting in up to 4 times more applicants.2


Source Tracking

Use Indeed’s detailed analytics to gain valuable insights for future hiring campaigns.

Getting started

Integrating with Indeed typically takes 2-8 weeks, depending on the level of complexity of your ATS.

  • Define

    1 week

    Review documentation, align on requirements, and develop a timeline

  • Develop

    1-5 weeks

    Once development kicks off, the Indeed Alliances team can help answer questions you may have

  • QA

    1-2 weeks

    Indeed will review your finalized feed for formatting and accuracy

  • Launch

    1 day

    Indeed will provide resources to help communicate the benefits of the integration to your clients and work with you to create a successful launch

1Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, February 2020.
2Indeed data (worldwide)