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Acerca de Serono

EMD Serono is the North America biopharma business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, employing over 1,200 individuals around the country with U.S. headquarters located in Rockland, Massachusetts. The company develops and offers therapies for specialty-care conditions, like multiple sclerosis, infertility and cancer. EMD Serono is committed to transforming – más...

The major research and development center of EMD Millipore in Bedford, Massachusetts.Cultivating protein crystals for 3D structural analysis of active ingredients and target proteins.Integrins are targeted by the angiogenesis inhibitor cilengitide.EMD Serono in Rockland, Massachusetts

Can You Feel It? - Our Company Video

We are a vibrant science and technology company. Brilliant ideas are born here. They are life-changing, influencing how we tackle major illness, and integral to the objects we rely on. From cancer therapies and laboratory tools, to screens on smartphones or make-up – Science and technology are everywhere. And thus do evoke strong emotions in us. Can you feel it?