LG Electronics
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Acerca de LG Electronics

LG Electronics es una empresa que produce electrodomésticos, teléfonos celulares y productos de computación. Fue fundada en el año 1958 bajo el nombre GoldStar. LG Electronics tiene más de 100 subsidiarias alrededor del mundo y emplea a más de 80,000 personas. La empresa tiene su sede en Seúl, Corea del Sur.

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LG Electronics

At LG we make products and services that make lives better, easier and happier through increased functionality and fun. Put simply, we offer the latest innovations to make “Life Good” – from home appliances, consumer electronics, vehicle components and mobile communications to business innovations in digital signage, air conditioning, solar and LED lighting. As a global leader, we strive for greatness in product leadership, market leadership and people leadership to realize our growth strategies.

Life’s Good with LG!

The LG Way

At LG, we believe that to conduct business ethically, you must have a solid foundation of integrity guiding every word and action. Our philosophy is known as "Jeong-do," which translates to "the right way." Based on creating value for customers, fair market practices, and respect for human dignity, it ensures proper treatment for every person and entity with whom we interact.

Creating A Better Life With Our Customers

"We must find work that will both help society and foster business. We passionately strive to build a convenient and happy society through the creation of innovative products that meet the need of our customers and transform their daily lives." -LG Founder Koo In-Hwoi

Our Commitment to The Environment

LG is committed to creating a more sustainable future by manufacturing future-oriented, intelligent, and sustainable products, growing environmentally friendly businesses that support a sustainable business ecosystem, achieving carbon-neutral by 2030, collecting 4.5 million tons of e-waste for responsible recycling by 2030, reaching 95% recycling rate of waste at production sites by 2030, eco-friendly supply chain, and volunteer programs in every country by 2030. Together we can create a better planet for all.

Experience Happiness Together


At the heart of the LG Experience Happiness program lies a unique partnership between experts in social emotional learning, education and the science of happiness. LG’s Experience Happiness partners provide science-backed and curriculum-approved resources to help millions of youth as well as our employees and their families practice the sustainable happiness skills for life long social and emotional wellbeing.

Diversity is the Driving Force of our Innovation

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