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La posición que ocupaba era una posición global, lo que me permitió desarrollar y mejorar la comunicación tanto escrita como oral en inglés. Además tuve la posibilidad de conocer personas de diversas partes del mundo. Es positivo que hay frutas todos los días. También hay disponible café, té o mate. Al ser una multinacional, a veces el trato es muy impersonal y la región no es tenida muy en cuenta. Pero en general el ambiente de trabajo es muy agradable y las personas también, lo que hace llevadero el día a día.


Horarios flexibles, OSDE 310


Días de lluvia y tormentas es muy complicado llegar a la oficina.
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Fun place

Have worked multiple roles within the company over 7 years and really enjoy the work and the company. Recommend to friends and family who are looking for work.
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Be ready for a wild ride

Management has changed a lot thru the years, they expect you to pull your weight while being short staffed. If you can work really well under pressure, this place is for you.
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Good team and decent pay

I was treated very well by my superiors and coworkers, always willing to help if I needed it and was always willing to teach me new things. Pay was decent.
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Not a good work nothing

Personally I would not recommend no one room to incentives no bonuse.and if you call a 52 cent a cost of living raise something is management have no idea what they they want you to do 2jobs for one pay.really
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It started out okay

But it went downhill very soon. It’s chaotic and while I was expecting demanding, it went a little too far. The benefits are also not great, the pay is meh.
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Good pay and benefits, but poor management

Great pay and benefits! BUT management talks about and makes fun of employees. Management talks and complains about employees to other employees. Management allows bullying and belittling between employees. Hostile environment. Horrible working hours.


Great pay and benefits


bad management, bad working hours
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Overall a good place to work, unfair pay practices

Good job security, as long as you do your job you have no reason to be concerned you will be let go for no reason. Most locations are not high stress. New hire training is lacking. They pay new hires with less experience more than employees who stay and have more experience. Raises do not keep up with current competitive market rates. Good benefits at low cost.
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Good for day to day

If you don't really want to be stressed and make a semi-decent paycheck then its great, a cool job for students to work while in school but I wouldn't make a life of it.
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Okay workplace

It matters your workplace. Your usually by yourself sometimes you’ll have someone with you but that’s only training purposes. All and all great benefits amazing mangers that are understanding
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New opportunities for post grad students

Easy to level up in the company. Gain some experience, find another position after some years, and leave for a better job after.
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Hard but rewarding work

Understaffed. Work very hard and close to 60 hours a week. The people are great, but we are all stressed to meet deliverables for our clients. Calls and meetings even while on vacation. No real time off. If staffing numbers would improve, I would highly recommend, but as it is, I would not.
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Very helpful and great place to learn

I was able to do my externship with labcorp and fell in love with the clinic. Applied a couple months later and I got hired! They’ve been very helpful and answered my every question I’ve asked and I’ve learned so much more with them than I did in my phlebotomy program.
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You will run on fumes and have no work/life balance for fast food tier pay

If you're a workaholic who can keep your head down and don't have much in family or friends, this job might be for you- especially if you're trying to build up a lacking resume, as you can get a job with them in accessioning through a temp/contract company with not much if any experience.I gave this job my all, so I'm going to be completely honest. While it is a full blown warning, remember that this could be worth it based on your needs of building resume and/or possible medical tuition benefit if fully employed by Labcorp.I aspired to really hone my skills and succeed in career here. I had some of the best performances in the departments I moved between, cared for great coworker social interaction and friendships, loved making people smile while staying professional and busy at work, was a fast learner, followed work orders to a T.. All I got in return was no incentives for raise or promotion, and management that prioritizes favoritism to pull others ahead- even if the others have had bad performances in work ethic and/or leadership, and/or started much later than you. If you don't care to move up from your role, this might not bother you.There is a big problem with cliques and gossip. I was always getting randomly warned, "the walls have ears no matter where you're at or how quiet you speak". That being said, the turnover rate is astronomical so unless it's management or you yourself become a favored target in negative gossip, with diplomacy you can steer clear of it all. I had made some great connections with coworkers while there.If you are a naturally hard worker - 


Sometimes great coworker connections, clean environment, you can learn a lot, some decent benefits, pretty pond outside for breaks


No work/life balance, low pay, forced overtime, high turnover rates, favoritism and a lot of gossip
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Burnout happens QUICK

I have always been an optimistic and friendly person, but the environment of this workplace completely changed my perception for the worse. 90% of the patients are rude and nasty upon entering the building, quite possibly the most impatient and entitled population I have ever worked with. And the workload is insane for the small amount of compensation. You are doing the job of 5-6 people and there is no appreciation or respect for your time and effort. I still work in healthcare but at a different company and location, and I am starting to regain my sense of optimism and passion that I lost while working at labcorp.
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Monday-Friday shift

It’s awful especially the hrs worked because they constantly harass you to stay over every night to do help finish all the work. Management is not knowledgeable nor the supervisors , you do not get proper training, really you have to learn on your own. The fellow coworkers aren’t friendly and get upset when you ask them questions in all honesty it’s a burnout.


Overtime is unlimited


Short breaks no free lunches
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Great place to work. Typical day consist of visiting accounts and clinics. Pick up specimens and delivery supplies if needed. Company vehicle provide for couriers
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Productive and fun working place.

Enjoy working with LabCorp.Well managed everything and colleague are very helpful.Free coffee and snacks sometimes.Manager and supervisor are very helpful.
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Labcorp is a great place to work. You have to have the right managers in place. Without that it become a stressful place to work. Oh and pay needs to be better.
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Lots of work all the time, but it helps stay busy.

It’s challenging, but I didn’t mind it. There is significantly stress in ensuring meeting metrics and deadlines, but again, it’s a challenge worth overcoming.
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Pro’s and con’s

This is a wonderful place for learning, you will definitely do a wide range of things in time. However, while not being compensated very much for them. You will get a small incentive every few months depending on your home site’s captures. Even though you have captured at many sites. Management is so far awesome if you ask me. Can talk to them like you would your brothers or sisters. There are different supervisors for other sites but mine are truly one of a kind. Would recommend working here, at least for a few years. It’s worth it, and you can have aid with tuition through them for advancement in their company.
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