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This was a maternity contract working just in the mornings.I checked the inbox and prioritized the tasks from more and urgent to less important. I received information requests from health care professionals and internal staff and I tried to answer them in the quickest possible time. The most grateful part of this work was when physicians replied me thanking for the quick answer and the quality of the information.I worked with the Medical Information Manager.It was a summer time and my boss though that I could organize the medical library if I had enough time while she was on holidays.I organized all the medical materials from the library,catalogued, classified and indexed. I designed a database for them. It was a little difficult because I could not ask questions because almost all co-workers were on holidays. I tried to do my best and I could be creative in this work. Later, I received a certificate of excellence for this work.Due to the quantity of information requests that I received, it was sometimes difficult answer to all the mails. I learnt how to manage the time and answer as much as I could.
be creative in my work
contract for a short period of time
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