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Acerca de Faurecia

Faurecia (pronounced "four-see'-uh) is one of the largest international automotive parts manufacturers in the world.It produces 6 types of car modules: seats, cockpits, doors, acoustic packages, front end and exhaust. Faurecia's customers include the Volkswagen group, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault-Nissan, Ford, General Motors, BMW, Daimler, Fiat/Chrysler, – más...

Woman and men working at our headquarterCaligny Tech CenterOur workshop in the Seoul Jangan headquartersWomen and men working at our headquarter

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As a global leader in the Automotive Industry, certified as “Top Employer Europe” and “Happy Trainees”, Faurecia offers a wide range of professional opportunities, diverse and with international perspectives.
Whether you are a Senior, Junior or looking for internships, apprenticeships, and V.I.E, we invite you to contribute to our development.

"Inspiring Mobility is our ambition and the promise we make to all our stakeholders, and this story starts with you."

Patrick Koller

Chief Executive Officer of Faurecia

Sophia BENNIS, Open Innovation Pilot at Faurecia

Manuel Yelas, Plant Manager at Faurecia

VIE opportunities within Faurecia (VIE in Detroit)