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The place had great new facilities and lots of room allowing for getting around the place to be quite easy. The cafeteria had plenty of room with more than enough microwaves as well as plenty of games such as a Ping Pong table, A PS3 with Gran Turismo racing set up and an Air Hockey table. Unfortunately, when the work was on, the place was rather disorganized in certain respects. Picking, the simplest job ran rather smoothly. Packing I'm not sure since I never worked in that area. In my opinion however, the Shipping and Receiving Area could have been better organized and needed more staff members in order for the job to run smoothly. Training for that area was practically non-existent, not thorough enough or not done in a professional way. The main problem was that they had too many different sub-departments being run by the same small group of people rather than having a separate team for the Shipping area. In other words, the work tended to be more stressful than it should have been. On top of this, people who put in a lot of work or who provided feedback were not given the recognition they deserved and were instead the first ones to be looked down on which makes no sense whatsoever. But to give the company the benefit of the doubt, it was a fairly new warehouse when I worked there so it will take time for the place to get things running up to speed. In many ways, it's machines they lack as well which would far exceed and benefit the company rather than forcing people to work overly hard when in many ways it's not possible for them to do that and achieve beneficial - más...
Free Lunches, Great Gaming Area, New Facilities and Clean Bathrooms, Lots of Space for Working
Poorly Organized when it came to Shipping and Receiving, Poor Team Chemistry, Poor Divison of Job Positions/Departments, Training In Need of Improvement
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